Yen Hao’s been joining Azon courses for 2 years. We got to know Azon through the kindergarten. He is more alert to surrounding, can pay attention in school activities. Teacher from school express their view that Yen Hao had improve alert comparing to before the training. He is now talkative, communicates with friends, focus and had good memory comparing to others, alert to surrounding events.

The teaching show their patient and professionalism attitude during the training period, always share with parent the status of my kids and inform ahead the next training content. This allow and encourage parents to be patient and knowing how is the progress of the kid.

Words to encourage other parents:

Don’t worry about kid’s problem, it is good to know the solution to help and resolve the problem. The earlier we take action the better we can help our kid, and for ourselves too.

Sharing by: Tan Yen Hao Daddy

Chun HongI got in touch with A Zon Educare Advisory through another parent whose child (Zhi Hong) has also been with A Zon for some time. My daughter has joined A Zon Educare Advisory since November 2013 and it has been 2 years now.

After joining the intervention programme at A Zon, Yi Min is more able to perform tasks and homework independently at school. Teachers complain less of her now, and even praise her for her improved attention. Through the intervention programme, she has shown much improvement in her comprehension skills, which has in turn enhanced her compliance to instructions and self-control too. As a result, she is able to behave better and is more aware of her surroundings.

The psychologist supervisor, Ms Lee Li Li is very kind and generous. All staffs at A Zon are well manner and caring.

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Chun HongI got to know A Zon Educare Advisory through my friends. My child Jia Zheng, has been joining A Zon’s intervention programme for 8 months now. After joining the programme, my husband and I noticed the huge improvements in my child’s communication and interaction. Now, he is starting to communicate with others more frequently.

I would like to send my appreciation and thanks to the psychologist supervisor, Ms Lee Li Li and all the teachers in A Zon for intervening my child wholeheartedly.

Words to encourage other parents:

If your child persists with a problem, consult with a professional and experienced child psychologist as soon as possible to avoid missing out the ‘Golden Period’ for intervention.
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Chun HongI get to know about A Zon Educare Advisory through a company named This & That. Chun Hong has been joining A Zon for about two years. During the first year of joining, he has showed improvement in learning but little improvement in his behaviour. However, A Zon teachers have been trying their best to modify my son’s behaviour problems.

Two years have passed now and I am glad to see his good improvement in his behaviour modification progress. Nevertheless, although Chun Hong has improved a lot in speech, there is still room of improvement in his communication skill. I am sure that A Zon teachers can help him to improve further in his social interaction aspect.

One of the grateful thing after my child joined A Zon intervention programme is that he is now studying in the Chinese school instead of special needs’ school. Therefore, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the psychologist supervisor, Ms Lee Li Li and teachers in A Zon who is helping my child this far.

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