In Malaysia, Life Education is a very new area in education. In the late 60’s, American educators think that a proper education should combine the knowledge from books and life experience, together with the merging of the body and mind as the new elements in education. Hence, they started to advocate Life Education. Since then, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and some European countries such as England and Germany etc., joined in the effort to promote Life Education. Life Education has already been incorporated for more than 10 years in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Life Education’s goal is to let the children and students to know life, respect life, treasure life, encourage them to take initiative, be active and grow healthily, improve quality of life, realize the meaning of life and the value of education. Although all these countries have different views of what is Life Education, they share three similar elements: Value of Life, Survival Skill Education andLiving Skill Education.

Value of Life

To teach the value of life is to let children and students learn about natural human life, spiritual life, social life and life patterns. In simple words, it is to let children explore and discover the meaning of life in terms of the relation among “Self”, “self-and-others” and “Self with the surroundings”. “Self” refers to the coordination between the individual and its mind. Through different courses and activities, we want to let students to get to know the individual and their own life, realize the 4 stages of life: birth, old age, sickness and death. “Self-and-others” refers to the coordination between the self and others. In this aspect, we focus on guiding children to know and respect other people’s lives. Lastly, “Self-and-surroundings” basically refers to the relationship between the self and its surrounding objects, natural environment etc. Students will learn to know the natural world and the existence of other living beings. In the process of learning, the main point is to let students to establish their view of life, understand the value and meaning of life. In conclusion, learning the value of life is to let students make the individual as the starting point, along with self, others and society, building a natural harmonious relationship with each other, and promote a harmonious development.

Survival Skill Education

Survival skill education mainly is to help children to learn the knowledge of survival, including practical survival skills, protection of surrounding environment, strengthening of the survival determination, etc.Through various courses and activities, we will guide children to know more about survival and enhance the meaning of survival skills, thus building an accurate view of harmonious development among individuals, environment and the society. Important learning points, such as crisis management and problem solving skills, will help children to evaluate and choose the correct survival way, learn to deal with survival crisis and to step out of survival plight in life.These days,most children lack theawareness on crisis due to comfortable living condition and environment. Most of the time, children could not face or solve crisis and setbacks. Therefore, it is important to guide children to face setback positively so as to increase their adaptability and creativity, and thus the meaning and developmental pattern of survival could be retained.

Living Skill Education

Different from survival skill education, living skill education is greatly related to the art of living. It is in fact guiding children to learn the meaning and art of living. Through this, children will get to know more about common knowledge of living, get to practice and experience living skills thus establishing the correct view of life. At the same time, it will help children to learn to adopt the correct lifestyle and understand the true meaning of living. For example, children could learn to manage the relationship between income and expenses, leisure and learning, school works and living, etc. This could help to increase their living ability, cultivate good characters, behavior and social responsibility. In short, it is to nurture passion and inspiration towards life, thereby creating a happy life.