Last camp of the year! A Zon will be organising a yearly holiday camp on December 3-5, 2017, emphasizing on Life Education and Life Skills subjects, allowing the children to enhance their life skills during the coming mid-term school holiday in Malaysia.

Appreciating life starts from appreciating the natures. Appreciating nature is done through exploring the natures with the right positive values of humanity. This is the bridge leading our children growing towards life with good meaning, positivity, persistency, respect and love.

The world is a children's classroom. "Experience it" is the most rewarding yet important way of learning to the children, by letting them see through their eyes, touch with their hands and feel with their heart.

Children will be able to foster love towards nature in the early age, only when they contacted with the nature. They will also develop child’s care and respect to the living things.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Guiding the children to love and respect the nature and all living creatures
  • Leading children to experience the harmonious and peacefulness from our mother nature
  • Cultivating independence and great love in children through survival skills learning in the nature

Date: December 3-5, 2017 (3D2N)
Targetted Campers: 7 - 17 years old
Location: Resort and Training Centre
Telephone: 019-231 7154  Whatsapp Number for A Zon WeChat Number for A Zon
Gathering Point: A Zon A Zon Educare Advisory, Puchong
Registration Deadline: November 18, 2017

A Zon 3天2夜 假期生活营 《家园》 - 2017年5月28-30日

A Zon 生命教育学苑 A Zon 生命教育学苑

A Zon 生命教育学苑

Parents' and Participants' testimonial:

"Children nowadays are too comfort. They hardly have chance to experience challenge and difficulty in their life. Joining the enrichment camp provides them opportunity to learn to be independent under the simple living condition. I would let my children to join the enrichment camp again!" — Mrs. Cheng

"My child is much more expressive and confident after returning from camp." — Mrs. Ding

"After joining the enrichment camp, my child becomes more confident and courageous. He used to give up easily when facing challenges. After few times of participation in the camp, he is now more positive and motivated." — Mr. A

"The outdoor activities are really great and energetic, I would like to join again." – Wilson

"I like the natural environment of the campsite, it's very comfortable. The outdoor activities were really exciting and fun. In addition, the speaker shared topic on pursuing our dreams. I want to be a pilot in future. Hope to join the enrichment holiday camp again". — Jack