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我是通过升瑞的学校,益智华小的介绍而认识了A Zon 生命教育学苑。升瑞从去年2013年3月开始接触A Zon, 至今已经13个月了。

自从参加了A Zon课程以后, 他的专注力比以前好了很多。甚至老师对他的评语也越来越好。他的沟通技巧也进步了,现在可以跟邻居朋友一起玩耍了。以前,他都不能读马来文跟华文的,现在,他的马华英文都进步了许多。而且,升瑞的体力也增强了,信心也随之增加。

我觉得A Zon 是我儿子的救世主。虽然学费稍微的贵了些,但是我儿子能够在短短的6个月内进步。


虽然这里的学费不便宜,但如果我遇到有学习障碍的孩子的父母,我还是会建议他们到A Zon 来看看有什么能帮助他们的。

Through my son’s school, SRJK(C) Yak Chee, I came in touch with A Zon Educare Advisory. My son Sheng Rui has been attending A Zon Educare Advisory since 2013 March and it has been 13 months since.

After joining the courses in A Zon, I observed a few changes in my son. His concentration has increased and there are no more complaints from both his teacher and himself. He is also able to interact and play with his neighbours and friends. His reading skills have also improved. Compared to not being able to speak both Malay and Mandarin, he is now able to read in English, Malay, and Mandarin. Also, he is physically more fit, has better stamina and also has greatly increased his confidence.

I feel that A Zon is the saviour to my son. Although the fees are expensive, my son has improved greatly within a short period of 6 months.

Words to encourage other parents:

Although the fees are not cheap here, but if I come across any parents with a learning difficulty child, I will still recommend them to A Zon to seek for help.

受访者 Interviewee: Sheng Rui's Parent